[H]ardOCP: Google Unceremoniously Removes the Tablet Section from Official Android Website

[H]ardOCP: Google Unceremoniously Removes the Tablet Section from Official Android Website

One of those reasons is the fact that while there are thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store, very few of them are designed especially for the tablets. The last major tablet device launched by Google was Pixel C in 2015. Now, Google has surprisingly updated their website and have removed the "Tablets" section quietly.

Google mistakenly removed the tablet section from the official Android website. If you can't see that option, you'll need to visit chrome://flags, search for "Enable app banners", choose "Enable" from the drop-down menu and then restart your browser. While the Apple iPad continues to survive - not thrive exactly - Android tablets have been badly hit over the last couple of years. Manually typing in the URL for the Tablets took you back to the homepage.

A full-fledged Google Photos PWA will ideally enable users to upload photos directly from Android apps and perhaps provide notifications for automated creations as well. The Tablets section went missing.

The page still existed as recently as yesterday, the site points out, but only featured a small selection of tablets from Nvidia, Samsung and Sony.

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As explained by Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Platforms and Ecosystems at Google, the disappearance of the tablet section on the Android site was not intentional. But tablets are unable to gain a foothold in the market due to the lack of decent technical support and a number of other shortcomings.

Google has decided that it will no longer put its time and resources into making tablets. What we do know is that Google seems to be favoring Chrome OS more than creating a better platform for tablets. Chrome OS and Chromebooks are being groomed to do what Android tablets have not been able to in terms of productivity and usability.

One of the most popular smartphone operating system Android is entering into its ten years.

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