USA may end up paying Kim Jong Un's hotel bill for summit

USA may end up paying Kim Jong Un's hotel bill for summit

President Donald Trump came out of his Friday meeting with Kim Jong Un's top deputy Kim Yong Chol and announced that the U.S.

Trump said after an Oval Office meeting Friday with North Korea's Kim Yong Chol that he'd be making a mistake not to go forward with the on-again, off-again nuclear summit in Singapore.

Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un would be the first between a USA president and a North Korean leader since the division of the Korean Peninsula after an armistice was signed in July, 1953, following a civil war.

The June 12 meeting in Singapore, the first between heads of the technically still-warring nations, is meant to begin the process of ending North Korea's nuclear program, and Trump said he believes Kim is committed to that goal.

In a move that is sure to worry USA allies in Japan and South Korea, Trump also said that he and his guest had discussed U.S. troop numbers on the Korean peninsula.

The peace talks are set for The Fullerton Hotel Singapore on June 12.

Lavrov said Moscow hoped all sides would take a measured approach to possible forthcoming talks on a nuclear settlement. "Remember what I say: We will see what we will see".

After the meeting, which lasted more than an hour, Trump walked Kim out of the White House.

Kim Yong Chol was spotted leaving his hotel in New York City early Friday for the trip to Washington in a convoy of SUVs.

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"It is an ironic and telling deviation from North Korea's insistence on being treated on an 'equal footing, '" said Scott Snyder, a Korea expert at Council on Foreign Relations. Other analysts believe the video is purely for domestic use as a motivational tool for officials to work harder to improve the wellbeing of the North Korean people.

"We're going to deal", Trump told reporters after Kim left.

Despite the upbeat messaging in the United States, Kim Jong Un, in a meeting with Russia's foreign minister on Thursday, complained about the USA trying to spread its influence in the region, a comment that may complicate the summit.

Trump told reporters he hadn't yet read the letter from the North Korean leader and added with a smile, "I may be in for a big surprise, folks".

The meeting followed two landmark summits between the leaders of North and South Korea in the last five weeks. He cited "tremendous anger and open hostility" by Pyongyang but also urged Kim Jong Un to call him.

Pence echoed national security adviser John Bolton, who compared Washington's approach to North Korea to the USA strategy toward Libya, which forfeited its weapons of mass destruction program in 2003, only to be rocked by a 2011 rebellion backed by the US -led NATO Western military alliance. But there are lingering doubts on whether he will ever fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he may see as his only guarantee of survival in a region surrounded by enemies. North Korea's conciliatory response to that letter appears to have put the summit back on track.

Pompeo said on Thursday that, after what have now been two meetings with Kim Jong Un and three with Kim Yong Chol, he believes the North is at least ready to consider addressing USA demands for denuclearization.

Kim Yong Chol was allowed into the United States despite being on a US sanctions list, and granted special permission to travel outside the NY area to meet with the president.

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