Australians will no longer be able to order from Amazon’s American site

Australians will no longer be able to order from Amazon’s American site

This coincides with changes to the Online Goods Tax that require online retailers to apply the 10 per cent GST to all online purchases shipped to Australia from overseas.

It also said that in addition to the 60 million items available on the Australian site, "the global store will allow Australian customers to shop on for over four million items that were previously only accessible from". Goods sold on, the United States site, will cease shipping to Australia on July 1. Most Australians have decried the store as being inferior to the U.S. store, with a considerably thinner product catalog and higher prices.

eBay also stated its case against the Bill which applied GST to overseas sales.

In a statement issued to the ABC, Amazon said it regretted the move and the inconvenience to customers accustomed to visiting Amazon's global online stores.

Amazon said Australian customers will still be able to buy products sold by Amazon US on the Amazon Global Store.

"I think it is disappointing that Amazon have taken this out on consumers in Australia but that is their commercial position", Mr Morrison said.

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But even with the changes, the number of products available will be a fraction of what's on sale globally.

"As a result of changes to Australian GST law on 1 July, global shopping options for Australian customers will change".

"The government doesn't apologise for ensuring multinationals pay a fair amount of tax here in Australia. That tax revenue is used to fund essential services".

A Productivity Commission inquiry concluded that given the decision to collect GST on low value imported goods, "the legislated model is the most feasible among the imperfect alternatives at this time".

The move will likely drive traffic to Amazon's Australian website, testing the patience of shoppers who have complained about its thin product range - a tenth the range of its USA site - and uncompetitive prices since it began taking orders in December.

"A level playing field will help Australian businesses grow and create more jobs and opportunities", the Treasurer's spokesperson is reported to have said.

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