Hugh Jackman Teases Ryan Reynolds: "Play a Little Hard to Get"

Hugh Jackman Teases Ryan Reynolds:

And did you love the meta humor? "You always get to sort of find some way to position him as the underdog or take everything away from him, but for him to function in an ensemble [in X-Force] is a lot of fun".

Deadpool 2 finally hits theaters this week, and with it - come the first reviews. It's a silly-as-hell comic book movie about a character constantly making jokes while stabbing people with swords. Thus, you can get pretty drunk within the first hour hearing all the digs at Marvel, Disney and DC.

Speaking of Reese, he also has a cameo in the film, playing a news helicopter pilot alongside co-writer Paul Wernick, who appears as a news cameraman.

The result of this is mostly positive, but can feel strained at times. It's a film willing to throw everything - jokes, references, heads, blood, guts, and even a little bit of vomit - against the wall, rarely concerned about how much of it sticks.

At the beginning of the film, Deadpool's girlfriend Vanessa is killed.

I didn't know then what I was going to do in the film, or what the story was.

Deadpool is a fan favorite character, and Ryan Reynolds is the flawless person to play him.

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The official soundtrack includes five tracks titled - "Holy Shit Balls", "You Can't Stop This Mother Fucker", "Make The Whole World Our Bitch", "Pity Dick", and "Courage Mother Fucker" - as well as some other less offensively titled songs. But Brolin, with his 2% body fat and permanent frown, brings his own skills to the part to make Cable worth spending time with. A good idea in theory, if Deadpool had any leadership skills. This means that the device which allows him to travel through time gets all its energy used up for the noble cause of saving Deadpool's life.

While Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the first Deadpool was kind of fun, the bulk of the other supporting characters were duds. He added, "There are talks about "X-Force" film, which is not really "Deadpool 3" but it's a group effort". A team by the name "X-Force" is formed (quite obvious, the dig is on X - Men).

The lone useful member is Neena Thurman (Zazie Beetz), aka Domino. She lets everything happen by luck. She's the only character with the strength to slap Deadpool in the mouth and deserves to take a bigger chunk of the movie in the next venture.

The general consensus seems to be: Yes, there will be more of these characters for sure. Josh Brolin, is there any actor in Hollywood who plays a tough guy better than him?

Despite the fact that the film begins with extreme violence and misery, Deadpool insists that the sequel is "a family film", and in its own twisted way, it is, albeit a family film strewn with foul language (arguably going too far in that regard this time round), extreme violence and outrageous gross-out humour (you might want to look away for the Basic Instinct gag).

Post-credits scenes are a staple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dropping clues for any forthcoming projects. This might be overly praised, mainly appeasing longterm fans of the Marvel/DC universe who have been vocal in their criticisms of certain movies. The movie's problem feels very akin to how I felt about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The first film felt fresh and disruptive in an increasingly predictable genre - producing more of the same can not not recreate that feeling.

After the success of Deadpool, we expected the sequel to go bigger, raunchier, funnier and better.

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