Facebook's audit into app data collection underway, 200 apps suspended

Facebook's audit into app data collection underway, 200 apps suspended

Facebook product partnerships Vice President Ime Archibong said in an online statement the investigation process is in full swing. Archibong had also hinted that a team consisting of both internal and external auditors has been deployed in order to investigate all the apps which had a large number of user base.

Facebook says that of the 200 APPs suspended included myPersonality which collected psychological information shared by millions of members of the social network who voluntarily took "psychometric" tests.

Archibong said Facebook would "show people if they or their friends installed an app that misused data before 2015" at this website, but affected users would not be able to claw that information back. First, he wanted to investigate all apps that had previously had access to large amounts of information before changes to Facebook in 2014 significantly reduced data access.

It's important to note that the company isn't necessarily investigating apps that had access to the quiz app put together by Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan. It's not entirely certain that these apps are actually at fault, but the social media company has suspended them pending a more extensive investigation. He gave no examples of suspended apps.

The ongoing audit is considering two facets of apps that hooked into Facebook's data stream.

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What are described as the "intimate" details of some three million Facebook users was apparently accessible on a research website for four years. The company said if its investigations confirm that apps misused data, users of those apps will be notified.

The blog post is an update on its investigation and audit from Facebook, which was promised by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Third, we want to make sure you understand which apps you've allowed to access your data.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked Facebook to its core, resulting in Zuckerberg making numerous apologies and testifying before House and Senate committees.

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