Video game 'Fortnite' is teaming up with The Avengers

Video game 'Fortnite' is teaming up with The Avengers

This week Epic Games launched a brand new limited time mash up for Fortnite which brings The Avengers: Infinity War antagonist, Thanos, into the game... and nearly immediately nerfs the chap.

Thanos has proved a popular addition to Fortnite, at least in terms of social media presence.

Just ignore that Thanos already exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of Josh Brolin and enjoy the spectacle. For a limited time, The Avengers' greatest foe, Thanos is terrorizing Fortnite Battle Royal players in an epic crossover. Players can make Thanos retreat in bushes, eat a bucket of popcorn, and even bust a move; the latter of which has become a much-appreciated obsession among Fortnite fans.

Whoever is able to find and equip the Gauntlet turns into Thanos and gains several powers and an advantage against the remaining players on the map.

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With early access of Fortnite that released September of past year, the game rivaled a similar game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) by December, which brought home "Best Multiplayer Game" at the 2017 Game Awards.

Fans on Reddit have now digitally inserted the Fortnite version of the movie villain seamlessly into scenes from both 2012's The Avengers and 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy - with pretty humorous results.

We wonder if this is what Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo had in mind when they approached Epic Games about a mash-up. But it looks like Epic games realized that Thanos is overpowered so they made a decision to nerf the famous mad Titan.

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