Trump Just ADMITTED He Just Calls Any Negative News About Him 'Fake'!

Trump Just ADMITTED He Just Calls Any Negative News About Him 'Fake'!

"The Fake News is working overtime", Trump tweeted. Talev went on to state that it is the responsibility of a free press to report on everything that is happening, whether good or bad, from the important to the mundane. "And a president preventing a free and independent press from covering the workings of our republic would be an unconscionable assault on the First Amendment", she said.

The tweet, which also threatened to withhold press credentials from the offending media outlets, seems to allude to the fact that President Trump sees all negative coverage of him as being "fake," regardless of the actual facts.

Newsweek reports that Trump's tweet was referencing a study from the conservative Media Research Center finding that 91% of "evaluative" statements about Trump made on nightly newscasts from ABC, CBS, and NBC from June to August of a year ago were negative. "Take away credentials?" Trump continued.

"Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt?".

At Wednesday's media briefing, the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, defended the concept of a free press, but declined to explicitly rule out stripping reporters of their credentials if Trump does not like what they write.

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Committee Chairman Richard Burr (N.C.) spoke for most of his colleagues when he said: "Gina, I have reviewed your record closely". When reporters mentioned that Haspel was sure to get questioned about her offer to withdraw , Manchin told them to stay tuned .

Since the early days of his candidacy, Trump has railed against the media, going as far as to call it "the enemy of the people".

During his 2016 campaign he blacklisted reporters from several outlets, including Politico, The Daily Beast and the Huffington Post, from his rallies. How many news outlets would that impact?

Analyzing the networks' spin makes it clear that the goal of all of this heavy coverage is not to promote the President, but to punish him.

Drudge's tweet came shortly after Trump's latest attack on the media.

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