Alexa, let's make some money…

Alexa, let's make some money…

Nearly every Android phone comes loaded with Google's AI-powered assistant but what if you prefer other smart assistants?

"LOVE SPORT is pioneering a new model for media and bringing it immediately to a global audience through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant". However, users on the Reddit thread have reported that except the issue with invoking Alexa, their smartphones were working just fine with the updated digital assistant.

The first at-home demo of Cortana / Alexa integration is live now for SOME users. Rather than Google Assistant, you will now be able to set Alexa as the default voice assistant on your Android phone.

To make Amazon Alexa as the default option assistant on your own Android, you need to ensure you've got the most recent edition of the Alexa program on your own Android gadget. Cortana is also now being developed to work with Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa.

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Alexa compatibility is proving crucial in the fight to save Cortana from being an also-ran voice assistant (or "Bixby").

We've known for almost six months that Alexa and Cortana will soon work together, making each voice assistant platform more useful. You are able to down-load the program immediately from Google Play or visit APK Mirror to download its APK document. Amazon Alexa was asked what it thinks about Cortana to which it replies, "I like Cortana".

The idea is for people to use Alexa for more personal stuff, and Cortana for work-related stuff. Some features are not available in all locations, for example, In-App Alexa support, Alexa calling and messaging, Smart Home controls, and Music. You will also not be able to trigger Alexa using the Pixel 2's "squeeze" functionality. To enable Alexa on your Android, you have to long press the home button and then voice your command.

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